Excerpt From My Manuscript "The Train"

a writing by Chad Martinez

We took to our defenses naturally when coming up against criticism; all of us were ready to defend the belief that WE were somehow the "Chosen One," that we were probably the "Golden Child," the "Second Coming." And that was all right, it somehow made sense in our minds, there was nothing wrong with that, we had a right to believe whatever we wanted to about ourselves and that was our right as a human. We believed what we had to say had reason, it had meaning and relevance no matter where we were in our lives and in our personal endeavors. Change was not some figment of our imagination, it was a true thing which was within reach for all of us who struggled to come to terms with where their lives stood, everyone could change if they wanted to change. Life and Love would linger for years to to come if we were lucky enough to experience it in its true grandeur.

From Chapters in Progeess September 2017.

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