Roy Kneale's Musketeer InspirationalChallenge Title 101

a writing by William Willis

Dear writers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Roy Kneale's Musketeer Challenge Title No. 101 will be in the hands of our Canadian friend and master of rhyme Mr Denis Barter.

To kick off proceedings we have asked Denis to come up with a title but ask the writers of VN to write in a particular poetic style and Denis will explain how to write in such a style and the good chap that he is......he will also give an example.

We are so very lucky to have a person like this among our ranks.

I now hand the coveted BATON OF HONOUR to Canada's Denis 'The Rhymier" Barter.

Good luck Denis, what have you got planned for us?

I can't wait!

On Behalf Of The Musketeers


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