Roy Kneale Musketeer Challenge #101.

a writing by Denis Barter

Thanks for your introduction William, and here's hoping (fingers crossed) this proves to be a memorable occasion -Challenge!

Well folks here we go again, and I must admit, this “out of the blue” Honour - for indeed it is, caught me a little off guard and surprised. Being very intently involved in some construction work despite my ‘vision’ handicap, I am determined to make this upcoming Challenge, a little different. Although I would also give a small warning, inasmuch as my time for commenting is somewhat limited for another week, at least. Roofing is a chore about which, I am learning fast!

Having made my excuses for any tardiness in my expected comments to all and any that decide to accept this Challenge, I will, without further ado or comment - except to say thank you for the past Challenge which allowed many of us, to both pay tribute to Roy and his contribution to VN. Following in his wake, is a tough act to follow. However, here goes!

Many of us have had experiences or situations which have either caused us grief, pleasure or nothing more than giving us a moment - and a memory - which linger long. As one grows older, these are very important to us, and some of us - no names no pack drill -have a tendency to recount such incidents, innumerable times! (Just ask our children and friends! Lol!) Let us ‘tap into that huge reservoir and pleasure VN readers with their ‘telling”. Just to add a little more difficulty to the Challenge, my preferred ‘format’ would be to find them written in the ‘limerick’ format.

Whilst most might think this an easy write let me please give some advice before you venture into what can well be very dangerous waters. Firstly, this being a family oriented site, - Nothing too suggestive or vulgar! I know, I’m a “spoil Sport”. But certain tenets must be observed. Monitors will be reading very carefully, and your work will disappear into the wide blue yonder, and no one will read same.

Secondly the format for a Limerick is one of a set pattern. Some small variations are allowed, and they will be accepted “if” not too far out. The last line of the five line Limerick, is generally the line that can be ‘made to fit’ when it enhances or emphasises the rhyme. The pattern generally accepted is Five lines with a cadence or measure of 9,9,5,5,9 (or whatever?_ However, for those who find this too much of a Challenge, other formats and styles will be acceptable. Be it Rap, Rhyme, Free Verse or Blank Verse, please remember, the intention is to present an incident, or happening you have personally experienced - much preferred - or something that has happened to a friend or family member, Yes, the scope is wide, but I’m sure many of you can relate to what I am asking for this Challenge.

Finally - long winded I know - I will offer an example following the rules of my asking - not my best - of what I would like to see coming forth.

Limerick Poetry on Reliquary!
" Remains" to be seen!

There once was a Pastor called Eric,
Who preached in terms esoteric,
But the day that he died,
With so many that cried,
They elected to make him a relic.

So off to the graveyard they sent
The carcass of Eric now spent
His tombstone doth read,
He left us no seed,
Having abstained too long after Lent.

While some regarded Eric a Saint,
There were many that said, He ain’t!
But the truth of the matter,
His wife, mad as a hatter
Made him always perform with restraint!

Today in the churchyard she lies,
Where this inscription meets your eyes,
Described as a “Relic”
Of her husband Eric
Whilst he in the Reliquary lies.

Though it’s not what you wanted my Friend,
Tis the best I could do, in the end,
To rhyme with reliquary
I needs employ diablerie,
It’s a hurdle I could not transcend!

But the scene I’ve set, is wide open,
To writers who, on seizing their pen,
Might demonstrate
They too can create,
and amuse the Folks of VN

Rhymer. August 8th, 2019.

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