At what moment did love end?

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Not everyone can reach the top!
But what is the top? Where is it?
No one really knows till they fail
and hit the bottom.
Is it a faithful love,
a long marriage, endless happiness,
simple as peace of mind.
Everyone strives for a different plateau, yet, the exact same.
Because without good health no one
gets even a first step forward.
We fall in love and it may fail, we fall in love again and wonder why we did everything right!
We dust ourself off and try again. Some try again and again and again! And yet, usually no one can pinpoint the exact moment or event in a relation then exact date and time they fall out of love!
But when you no longer are in love you know it. Later on you can express things and may realize how you felt after someone broke your heart but usually no one can refer to it like this
“Well I recall it well, on January 30, 1977 ( that date is just an example) was the day I fell out if love.
We can usually pinpoint the day we met the partner we love. Yet, we forgive so easily when we are in love. When a marriage is ending and you realize you are not love with that person any more, you cannot pinpoint the time and date it actually stopped!
You would think most people would cherish love so much they would feel the moment they missed it and it no longer existed in them. Like falling. Most people can look back and recall they fell down and was hurt or broke something or such pain. But the pain of falling out of love comes with such slowness because we are as humans forgiving in nature and we block out that emotional kind of pain. We can pinpoint rejection and anger with someone at least to a date in time. Because that emotional pain is clear who we were rejected by and who we were angry with at a certain moment in time and usually associate it with an event or situation.
Some people never really fall out of love, they may get angry, annoyed, irritated, feel rejected, broken hearted by a partner but still love them forever. And forgive them and yet not want to be married to them ever again share a bed, or even something as simple a soda with a straw.
Love is everlasting (for some people) as you realize you cant stop missing them. You adjust to live without them but a bond is formed, not exactly like a parent child, but a mutual affection that can pop up and any moment, like a spring day would in the heart. Anger, mistrust, betrayal etc often keep love held like a twig under water by a tree that false in a lake. The branches sticking out still flourish but it will never be a tree like any other tree that its roots are in the ground. And with love that is the moment we realized we are moving on. The love still flourishes but is buried in the mind and heart by emotional pain, and no more to see day light.

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