Changing Face of India

a writing by Dolly Saha Bhowmik

Reclining in a cosy chair , Dipika, a  woman in her sixties dipped her feet in a pedicure tub . So aromatic is the room! Low lights, scented cool air from the silent air con. A petty girl is catering a very caring service to Dipika. Her daughter books such salon services for her and Dipika enjoys such leisure in her old age. As she relaxes, her mind drifts here and there. Sometimes her childhood flashes hazily. She can almost feel the cracked heels of her mother what used to bother her at night inside the comforter both of them shared.

So many times Binni didi (domestic help) cleaned her feet with  soapy water and scraped it with pumice stone. Often it hurt her and her  feet bled during winters. Smearing glycerin   had been the ultimate resource.  Dipika  could not give her mother such luxury what her daughter can give her. It's not always money but our perception. Once, going to beauty salon was looked down upon to be snobbish and prodigal, now it seems to be  a bare necessity . Those days no one wanted explanation for purchasing jewellery but for availing salon service, women had hurdles to cross.

" yep, right .....right...... wait ....sure..... a sec  reaching"....constantly while keeping the conversation on, Rituja ,35, has just parked  her car. She  literally runs  to catch up the ongoing board meeting. She has returned from her official tour this morning, could not get home as she had to attend this important assignment . She is confident and sure that as Abhi , her husband, is in town everything he  would mange at home front . Myra ,their 6 year old daughter will reach her school properly dressed and with complete homework. Rituja misses their company, feels to hug Myra, give a peck on Abhi' s chin. 'This is not the time to think all these'- Rituja reminds herself. By that time,the elvator stops at her destinated floor ,she gets down coordinating her professional self and heads towards the meeting room.

'Ding dong' .......Rituja pressed the bell, within a second the door gate opens, and a big hug from Myra. Ahh ....
charged up,happy happy Rituja cuddles her daughter and both get  busy in their conversation. Rituja looks up at  the watch and calculates Abhi's time to return. Another 45 minutes to wait. Time at some time  seems endless .Though most of the time she runs after time.

"Your tea Rit dear "
"Oh nice! thank u."
"Today i will be working morning shift,  right !"

Unlike her parental house now here no work is solely depending on any body. Both the spouses  can do any of the house hold work along with their bread earning role. Both Abhi and Rituja   can remember how their  mothers used to go to office after arranging top to bottom everything at home so minutely. Silently both of them appreciate the changing days as well as their roles in modern days.

Now women in can talk openly about manopausal syndromes, can talk about any socio economic issues with enough confidence. Now a woman  can talk about so many things which were sheer 'no no' even before few years ! Social media  have  brought a overwhelmed revolution through out the country, India, incredible indeed. Women in present days are finding a broad dimension to their existence.

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