A Note to my Voices,Net.Com Family

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear Friends,

I seem to have forgotten you, forgetting to drop in and pay you all a visit at this site. I have just been so busy after my summer holiday. Suddenly, it has dawned on me, that there is something I have greatly missed!

Think to have failed to write a single poem in weeks and months! Sorry for my absence. I thought poetry was part of the blood running in my veins during my waking and sleeping hours and journeying. A piece of paper and a pen on my hand often gave me the momentum to start expressing myself in relation to those around me: sights of creation, events in time, voices of humans, situations of peoples and nations and voice from my inside being. Poetry has been something that energizes my mind, something that gives me joy, that is, for having created something in verses and lines which others can also get the chance to read or be inspired. I have simply forgotten that poetry is part of me and also a crying voice in my inside.

I have just made my visit this day. And I am glad to read and be inspired again by you and your submitted poems. I still consider Voices.net.com my family and it is great to be reunited with you again. Let me go back to poetry writing. And when one poem is created from the heart and mind, then I will share it with you, my dear family of poets and poetesses!

Have a good day and keep on writing. You can have a break but make it only a short break and then write again another poem or poems.

Have a good day!


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