A New Baton Holder "Roy Kneale's Musketeer Challenge No102"

a writing by William Willis

Dear writers of Voicesnet. It is now the 7th of the month and that means the Musketeers Inspirational Baton is changing hands. A huge cheer for the amazing man and fine gentleman Denis Barter for his orchestration of Roy Kneale's Musketeers Challenge No101. Great to see all the submissions and sharing a little light hearted fun memories on here.Uplifting to see Ralph Kneale get in on the act too.

Denis needs a medal for his deeds this month as he has been very busy with a roofing project he is working on. Commitment to the poetic cause yet again dear sir. I salute you! Your limerick Challenge certainly has a few of us scratching our heads about what to commit to the parchment however I really, really enjoyed casting my mind over a few funny stories I managed to conjure up from my past. Thankyou Denis!

The Roy Kneale Musketeer Challenge 102 is now here and The Musketeers have asked a very accomplished poet in here to orchestrate and he has duly accepted.

A man who is one of my favourite writers on here and always brings his " A " Game to the table in every write.

Ladies and Gents of Voicesnet. The Baton holder for Roy Kneale's Musketeer Challenge is England's Kenneth Clark.

On behalf of all, I wish you a steady flow of poetry to come your way and we look forward to your title.

Over to you Ken.

William /|\

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