Speaking Truth

a writing by william andrews

I don't understand
You People
How can you listen
to common sense
logical reasoning
it's like listening
to fingernails
on a blackboard
How can you
the brain numbing
Honest debates
that separates
Fact from Fiction
What's Wrong
with you people
and empathy
Actually feeling
the pain and despair
of others
what are you masochists
you enjoy pain
how can you do that
it's crazy
and you people do all this
that freaks me out
i just cannot get my head
around that
don't you people get it
most of us
we're happy with this life
we don't need
what you subscribe
you people
need to be educated
on the meaning of the word
that would be us
some of us
like forming groups
group hugs
protesting here and there
like minded people
it's a hobby
if we were serious
we would use your methods
not a good idea
there are others
who have formed
one of the biggest groups
in the western world
it;s called
the bitch whine and moan
with the intent
to carry on society
everybody needs a hobby
if it wasn't for technology
we would never have
the ability to watch real life reality
and true news on a box
in the comfort
of our homes
with blank eyes
like contented cows
while chewing our food
its brilliant
we love it
if we didn't
we would change
so leave us alone
let us be
we have no intention
or desire
to leave

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