The Conundrum Of Me

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

Like many I have spent long hours trawling ancestry websites
to discover my families past and history, I found it fascinating,
however, it started me thinking about myself, who am I really,
am I me born through the inherited genes or traits of family or
is there more to me than meets the eye. My first name Kenneth
is Gaelic and Celtic in origin, a mixture of the Irish Cináed and
Scots Caioneach, the first known recorded use of the name was
by Kenneth MacAlpín, (Cináed mac Ailpín), the Scottish King
known as Kenneth 1st born in Iona in 810AD who united the
Gaels and Picts against the Viking invaders, he died on the 13th
February 858AD, the strange thing is, the 13th of February is
the day I was born, most translations of the name Kenneth say
that the name means ‘gift of god, handsome comely, born of fire.’
My second name Malvyn which also has Gaelic and Celtic origin
means ‘leader or council friend,’ my surname Clark is also rooted
in Gaelic and Celtic ancestry, it is said the name is derived from
the Latin clericus which means ‘priest, scribe, secretary or scholar
within a religious order.’ My birth sign is Aquarius known by its
astrological symbol, the Water Bearer, the Aquarian man is said
to be creative intelligent progressive independent, a free-thinker
who will fight avidly for the rights of others, in matters of the
heart we are said to enjoy flirtatious relationships are physically
passionate and honest, so what defines me, is it generic or am I
my name, I can relate to all I have written, have many of the
qualities of my astrological sign as well as many of the traits of
my names, why am I so, what answers the conundrum of me,
is my birth and names given fate, to reflect who I will become,
or is who I am merely a chance seeding of genes and my names
no more than a random pick from a book or an endearment to
the past, if not, my mother chose well, so, hail King Kenneth!

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