102nd & 103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers Tittle Challenge

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

Fellow writers,

Regretfully, due to unforeseen family circumstances our dear friend William will be absent from our site for a while, with our other brave musketeers Richard and Edwin undergoing and recovering from health issues he has asked me in his hour of need to lend a helping hand, like me I know you all wish him well and hope a speedy and happy resolve to whatever his circumstance.

Without further ado I will close the 102nd Challenge, and thank all those who responded to my somewhat controversial tittle that in truth left me feeling more than a little apprehensive, however I was heartened to see your responses with many multiple entries that I found both enjoyable and fascinating, thank you.

Time now for the baton to wing its way from these wet and windy shores to the sunny and fragrant land of India for the 103rd Challenge, and into the hands of the extremely talented poetess, Mobani Biswas, whom I feel sure will challenge our poetic imaginations with her chosen tittle.

It also falls incumbent upon me to mention that the Musketeers Challenge is not a Voicesnet sponsored event, but nonetheless I do encourage our established and newer poets to the VN family to join in the fun.

My felicitations,
aka Kenneth Malvyn Clark

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