103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge

a writing by Mobani Biswas

Today with great honour and pride I take up the baton for the second time. In this month of October let's go forward with the 103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge event.
My heartfelt thanks towards Kenneth Clark for his unique title challenge and for his efficiency in carrying the baton for the whole month. I further applaud our band of musketeers because without their hard work and dedication,it would have been impossible to keep the inspirational challenges running.

Last month we thought of heaven. As Kenneth's challenge hurtled our mind towards the question as to what we would do in heaven after we die. The mind produced so many ideas which were related to our personalities but what is it that shapes our personalities?

Our personalities are shaped by our past. Our past teaches us what to do and what not to. Our past shapes and moulds us into the human beings we are and the thing we remember the most from our past is our childhood.

This month around, let's celebrate the time when we were children. Let's remember the sweetness of that phase. Let's praise the time and century that saw our birth.

Without further ado I present you the title for the 103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge:
'The Century I was Born In..'


'Take me back to the time...'

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