Open Letter to VN Membership.

a writing by Denis Barter

Hi there fellow VN Members. Doubtless, like myself you’re wondering what’s up on/with the site of late? Although I personally have no idea if there is a situation, I have been unable to find any answers - as yet, it is a little disturbing that no news oe announcement has been made, and little information posted regarding the health of several ‘key’ Musketeer Members, and if suffering ill health, their progress? I also wonder about the Moderators, for some appear to be absent too. Illness happens to us all at some time in our lives, but personally, I do get somewhat concerned when no bulletins or progress reports are to be found. Even a simple, terse message would suffice, if only to say circumstances - unexpected and severe - had occurred. With a ll the interaction that takes place on a site such as VN, it strikes me as being a little concerning. Certainly worrisome!

As the month of November is well under way and our last Baton Holder has completed her admirable, well done ‘stint’ - very successfully in my opinion at least - and no new announcement as to who or what next, and why the delay as to why no new Challenge has been published, I wonder if someone, not associated or chosen, might have a great idea for stirring our little grey cells into some activity? Although not a Musketeer Challenge, I am sure that others, like myself, would appreciate the mental exercise any Challenge gives us.

But rather than take a negative attitude as to why so many unanswered questions, may l be so bold as to suggest a temporary solution? One that perhaps, have us compose some poems on the ‘happenings’ we have noted in our earlier, youthful days? Times of celebration: activities in which we took part: - cricket, soccer or hockey matches or festivities in which we played a key role.. Excursions with the family that we enjoyed or perhaps had hilarious consequence. Even poems about our pets or hobbies. People we met who made an impression on our life for what they did or represented. Perhaps we can post under the title - A Memorable Occasion.

Of course it will depend upon whether or not a “Moderator” allows this to go through. My personal suggestion is that Poets post under the title of My Most Memorable Occasion. So What Say The Membership?

Should you take me up on this, I will do my best to comment on most if not all, offerings. Should the Musketeer Challenge #104 be instigated? I will gladly step aside.

A brief note: Winter has arrived early and hard here in Southern Ontario. Snow - 8 plus inches - fell yesterday and temperatures have plummeted to Minus 9C and lower, with a continuation of same for the next two weeks, forecasted. Snow clearance has to be my Number One priority, so comments and further postings (from me) may be a tad late for any poems posted. Have a great day and if anyone has knowledge of the VN situation? Please feel free to let us - the Membership - know. My personal e-mail address - if you would like to write me privately? Is

Thanks for reading. Rhymer. Aka Denis.

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