The 104th Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge.

a writing by William Willis

Dear writers of Voicesnet.

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to thank the talented Mobani Bismas (India) for her superb tenure orchestrating Tge Roy Kneale Musketeers Inspirational Challenge No103.

Good on you Mobani, you picked up the baton in unfortunate circumstances as many of our writers who make it all so worthwhile are currently absent through ongoing family issues or for health reasons. A huge salute to you from Bonnie Scotland dear

And onwards and upwards (well Westwards) we roll and head for a much cooler climate with our 104th Baton Holder eagerly waiting.

True, this poet is never short of a word or two and remains one of the reasons I love this website so very much.

He likes a rant, for sure and given the work he has put in here over the years,,, if anyone deserves a rant this man does.

You see dear writers. He is always up for. Challenge and lives nothing better than giving others some food for thought to get their minds going.

Writers of Voicesnet! The 194th Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge Baton will this month be orchestrated by the superb Denis Barter.

Take it away dear Rhymer.

Kind Regards


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