Musketeer Challenge #104.

a writing by Denis Barter

Sorry Folks but due to various reasons, you’re going to have me as the Baton Holder - yet once again. With so many stalwarts under the weather, and suffering varying ailments, to restrictive degrees, I have been asked to carry it again. That will be no problem if Mother Nature gives me a break.

So I, following up on my Blog, am going to keep it simple, but wide open, inasmuch as I ask all those who would join in the monthly Challenge, to write under the banner of “A Memorable Moment”.

Something you well remember, that took place during your early years: on an occasion which means a lot to you or your family, whatsoever it might be? Humourous, sad or life changing, whatsoever resonates with you, is fine. Nothing is taboo.

So fellow Poets and Scribblers too if it excites you to participate? Get cracking and make it a worthy tribute to our - presently - temporarily absent - Musketeer Clan.

In closing, I sincerely hope our Company of Literary Gallants, return to Good Health, in a short period of time. That of course, goes for any other Member of VN who is a tad under the weather. A[art from some symptoms of growing older, I am managing to survive and cope quite well, Thank You for asking.

Looking forward to your (interesting and exciting) postings. Fondest regards to one and all. Rhymer. Aka Denis.

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