A Personal Observation.

a writing by Denis Barter

Based On Shakespeare’s Soliloquy
in Julius Caesar.

Friends. Poets and VN Members,
I seek not to praise, nor to criticize,
but to comment, upon poetry, as I see it.
There’s many a good poem posted on VN,
from forward and deep thinking Members,
who, composing in their chosen format, allow
readers to enjoy their judiciously selected words.
Furthermore, ingenious Poets with rhymed verse,
or by the employ of devious allusive Blank Verse,
keep the large eclectic Membership entertained
and amused. One can but marvel at the commingled
mixture of poetic works, contributed by seasoned
and would-be poets from all around the globe.
This veritable conglomeration of talent - both
gauche and seasoned - will with emotion, offer, in
a veritable variety of guises, their personal view.
Admittedly, some offerings termed Poetry, can keep
a reader wondering as to the Poet’s true intent?
This, when they’re presented with a mixed conglomerate
of tense and scrambled syntax, that confuses! Seemingly
all rationale and logic, lost in a mish-mash of phrases,
leaves a reader floundering to understand the import
of the perceived, desultory, confused rhetoric, posted!
Remember, tis not in the mind of the reader that argument
or logical conclusion is determined, but in the Poet’s.
When a chosen topic is not presented succinctly
in the lines he pens, the proffered ‘poetic’ treatise fails.
A poem must perforce, be clearly recognised as a Poet’s
personal persuasion, from which a reader either finds rapport,
or seeks argument. From poetic words, discussion emanates.
It is by a stimulating the reader\s mind, a Poem, per se,
is ultimately judged. Firstly, by the devious machinations
of the Poet, who, with words that excite, inspires thought
in a manner that births intelligent debate. Secondly it is
engendered by scintillating descriptive diatribe, that paints a picture,
readily seen. Without these attributes, a poet’s intent is lost,
or negated by poorly constructed lines, which in turn,
discloses the obvious inadequacy of one who wants to
be thought a Poet. To such, we can offer little but condolence
for their solecism and inability to express their thoughts,
feelings and convictions, in a manner befitting poetry.
After thoughtful analysis and mental critiquing ,
an observant impassioned reader moves on to
interact with more exciting and interesting delights,
such as one would expect from any ardent fan
of poetic form. Be it Rhyme, Blank or Free Verse,
Clerihew, Limerick? Whichever form you prefer.
With merit found in all and every poetic form
it is our personal “likes” that oft direct us
to seek that written in the format we prefer.
Therefore my final word will be:
To each his own, and may you enjoy!

Rhymer. November 15th, 2019.

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