Soliloquy - I write to defend humour! Not to kill it!

a writing by Denis Barter

Another Monologue as W. Shakespeare. might have written it.


to all Members of Voices Net: please lend me your ears:
I come prepared for discourse, hoping to allay your fears.
Do you think Humour is dead? Should I permit clouds to descend
Upon my Spirit? Seemingly foolish thoughts I choose to append
in jocular fashion, are often misunderstood, fall flat upon the floor.
Trivial words, by which I seek purely to amuse, as oft done before
are often literally interpreted: such a miserable fashion I deplore.
But be assured, words such as those, I shall write no more!

My Entreaty - A Soliloquy

Even as Roman, Mark Anthony did heap dubious praise upon the noble head of Caesar, so shall I attempt to wax eloquent upon the perceived, tragic death of Humour. But, not before I applaud the acclaimed Muse that has often, on me, lavished the gift that allows me to unashamedly laugh upon the trials and tribulations of Life! Indeed I shall not bury Humour because some petty fogging, a miserable reader, has thought my words inappropriate or that, in their opinion, I appear to lack due dignity when engaged in discussion.

Truly the gift of laughter should be a treasured and lasting gift, for I have found it proven to be my tried, true and trusted Friend. Humour has long been my loyal guide and mentor through many of Life’s perils. Ever present when my need has been greatest, it has never deserted me, when my need has been most pressing.

Ah sweet Humour, wilt thou abandon me in my hour of greatest need? Dare thee be absent at my grave? Despite what some may think a solemn and melancholy occasion, I hereby charge my kith and kin to laugh and engage in frivolity and banter, no matter what their distress might be! As my friend and mentor, Will Shakespeare would have said, “laughter is the impervious shield we hold, that allows us to deflect the ill directed slings and arrows of the complaining word”.

Those that neither possess this gracious and precious, golden gift, nor find cause for Humour throughout their daily life, are surely to be pitied. Should their pathetic existence leave no room for foolish thoughts, so their days will descend into a lasting Hell that shall be nothing but a monotonous tedium. Indeed, tedious lives, that lack the variety Humour bestows, shall be found to pass but slowly. Their days, lacking the comfort of a smile or wry grin, shall be slow and dull, even as the tardy molasses that flow in January. Moreover, unless unhappy ingrates learn and appreciate the healthy benefits Humour imparts, or are unable to employ humour to deprecate the misfortunes that Life may award them? Then they possess no worthy future! Such a miserable Life should be snuffed out in an instant ere it becomes a unbearable burden upon friends and family. Surely such a miserable approach to Life and living is nothing more than a travesty of the human spirit.

So again I say, my intention is not to bury Humour, but to praise its rewarding benefits. And unto all miserable Jackanapes that would diminish the power that is Humour’s to wield? I shall truly cock my snook!

Rhymer. November 20th, 2019.
(Feel free to contradict!)

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