A Rebuff On Humour As Per Denis’s Soliloquy

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

Shakespeare he doth badly quote on his gambit of humour,
offers us eloquent words that humour doth embolden him
through life’s trials and tribulations, his shield his armour,
his tried and trusted friend as he rode at a gallop or canter
through life’s slings and arrows, nay my friends, humour is
the devils wine, living life is a sober solemn undertaking not
to be demeaned by this man’s flippant and frivolous banter.

Look ye at the woes and misery of this world, doth he tell
us he finds humour, finds amusement in the plight of those
less fortunate, if so I weep, call him charlatan ne'er-do-well,
no, humour doth not embolden, what emboldens is integrity
courage to overcome diversity show benevolence unto others,
we must guard against those who say, laugh and the world
laughs with you, and walk a road with respect and sobriety.

So my friends I implore you, do not become sycophants or pay
heed to the belched ramblings of this snowbound old trapper
who entices you into this foolishness for you will rue the day,
nay I say, do not let this mad heretic lead you down the dark
side into humour, for with humour comes sarcasm, profanity,
jokes cracked about the Irish the Scots Pakistani shopkeepers
a slippery slope to depravity, a path I urge you not to embark.

He calls his humour a precious gift, calls us ingrates that our
lives should be snuffed out because we do not grin and smile
at misfortune, nay my friends his words taste bitter and sour,
even to the grave he encourages his kith and kin into frivolity,
oh wish I back thumbscrew and rack to quell this man’s heresy
for even the words of our bard Shakespeare are not safe from
this man’s tasteless vulgar humour, and for what, a soliloquy?

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