Laughter Versus Tears - The Irony of Life.

a writing by Denis Barter

A "Rationale” Response to Kenneth Clark’s rant.

So be it friend, if that’s your way to live life,
indulge in your sadness, your hurts and strife.
Should your day begin with pain for tomorrows,
feel free to bask in your grievous sorrows!
But for me, despite woes, for what it’s worth:
though I weep for life’s unending pains, mirth
has been my oft proven panacea for survival!
Hatred and pain may be thought an embracing rival
for many throughout the strife torn world today,
but a moment of unconstrained laughter - my way,
helps ease stress and tension - for a moment at least!
Allowing me to subdue the potent, hapless beast,
known as “despondency” - thanks to my approach.
Although, in your rejoinder, you chasten and reproach
me for my defending humour, I prefer my approach
to that of a nay-sayer who, with sad, saturnine face,
and pessimistic ways, has neither room nor place
for humour. Though at times, it appears basically ironic,
a dash of humour dispensed, can be the saving tonic
of a sorry situation! One from which I can take flight
for a moment. One that allows me to set the miserable plight
of misfortune aside! Not to forget the constant cries of woe,
but it allows me to relax and apply rational thought, before I go
to take positive action, against the angst of those troubled.
Sympathy alone seldom helps, but its effect is often doubled
when accompanied with a sympathetic humourous diversion.
Towards such intention, for me, I see no crass aversion!
However, though humour is not for everyone, as such I agree,
it has been a tried and trusted safety valve for many such as me.
As for my being an “ingrate” as you aver in your diatribe,
I ask of you - do you truly understand what you describe?

Do you truly see me as a thankless, hapless poor devil,
as determined by your ‘ingrate’ slur, who laughs and revel’s
in the misfortunes of others - no matter what they might be?
Though in truth it does not apply, this ‘label’ is not welcomed by me!
So perhaps I should seek the company of the broader minded,
who sees life in a far different light from thee? Not blinded
by the many tragedies of life that surround - one and all!
Which in turn, further fosters a self indulgent society! A call,
that takes so many down to the depths of despondency!
Suicide is seldom engendered by a “mistaken” dependency
on humour, which in its variety of form, oft proves a nostrum,
much needed in a world of war, strife, angst and humdrum
existence. Giving a moments relief to a grieving soul,
despite your naysaying, defeatist spiel! My avowed goal
is to continue promoting humour in ‘whatsoever’ form
suits best! Until proven otherwise, this will be my Norm!

Rhymer. November 23rd, 2019.

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