The Other Side

a writing by Marc Enric

The other side...

I am working on something. A scene I suppose...
Bit dreary. This "other side thing." I would like to believe it to be perhaps an optimistic venture.

We all eventually go there, wherever "it" is.
Then I thought; do we create our own "other sides?" We are walking universes, I know. Each with our own rules and stone stamped policies of which to run this master computer in our heads. And as a result, we each designed our own. We become little "Heavens and Hells" with legs.

I do believe one's inate unpretentious beam of positivity, whether outward or inward, results in a self created happiness. To others, people notice there is something about you they can't have.

Like Venus upon a clear black sky. Unavoidable to see it and not smile.

Then, perhaps, you've become your own "heaven " my friend.
Likewise with negative people. I feel hateful people, like the former Love, It"s "bone inate."

I ignore those ones. They don't exist to me. They warrent no validity to my thought. Like dead wood on a shoreline, scraggling and lopping on a grey foam of a forgotton tide. A hellish sunset in the foreboding horizon. It's Love or hate baby. Kiss or kill. You are what you are.

And please don't cliche me with that "Heaven is a place on Earth" thing...I cringed when Belinda sang it. lol.

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