a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

A bright afternoon, a preacher and his son were fishing in the lake of Safrags when suddenly the boy called his father’s attention to a sinking boat nearby. The father responded, ‘is that not Taofeek, Abdullahi’s son?’ and the boy nodded his head to affirm. ‘Stay here’ said the father, ‘away from the water’… said the preacher as he jumped into the water, to save the sinking boat or not the sinking boat but to save Taofeek.

As his son, Imra, watched on, he followed his father by the bushes, climbing the rocks, jumping and careless. He saw a great wave coming and knew his father might need help as well; so he jumped into the water to help his father. The father now had seen Taofeek who had fallen out of the boat, struggling and drowning, when he also saw his own son, Imra. Imra was equally struggling in the water and was submerged by the weight of it… but then the preacher at that moment thought of his son and knew this was the moment God was bringing him to, the test of his life, the ordeal he must prevail.

Taofeek was known to be disobedient to his father and had rarely been seen in the prayer ground, the preacher felt though he drowned, he headed for hell and so the preacher made a choice; such that to go for Taofeek, he abandoned his son. His son drowned and was soon buried. The wife wept and was sullen when the preacher told her, he believed his son, Imra is with Allah, but the wife unconsoled, wept more.

The people were not so divided about the preacher’s decision to go after the lost and while doing, allowed his son to disappear but many knew they wouldn’t do what this preacher had done. The narration that her son would have been saved bothered Imra’s mother deeply and the duties too she had to God suffered terribly. When she cared for the sick, she wept and she couldn’t. She couldn’t bring herself to go to the mosque without her only son. The preacher however became known in the neighboring communities for his deed and many invited him for they wanted to hear his outlook on life. The preacher felt by obliging them, he furthered God’s purposes but when he was asked about Taofeek, the boy he saved, who two years after was lynched by the community, when he was caught defiling an underage, he responded with a smile not a smirk as many judged.

Taofeek had done such terrible things after he was saved. It was thought that the little goodness in him drowned that afternoon he struggled in the lake. Because he partook in the event of the day, he had expected an improvement in his earnings, his life just as has befallen the preacher. And though he was the boy saved, he wasn’t the miracle to many, the preacher was; and though he was the boy saved, the preacher son who died was to many, the aspiration, an aspiration Taofeek wasn’t. Some even said he was the unfortunate one. So Taofeek stayed away and lived in such manner that several in the community began to feel, the preacher had saved for them, a disaster, a catastrophe, and soon the mob killed Taofeek. Imra’s mother again wept at the futility and the loss of her son’s life. Was it for someone worthy, it’d perhaps lessen her grief.

And due to her sorrows, the quality of her life reduced and soon she fell ill and died. She got to the afterlife and the angels asked her, why she was angry with Allah for the death of a son. She had allowed to suffer most of the instructions from Allah as regards our journey to the afterlife and she was directed away from heaven.

Soon, the preacher died and he was taken to the grave, his sacrifice was commended by heaven and he was admitted to heaven, but then his wife and his son were not there to meet him as he had anticipated. He went to the office of enquiry and asked ‘please, my son Imra and my wife, Aisha, where are they?’ He was told there, that his son had been disobedient to him the afternoon he died, and had not honored his father’s word to stay still, such disobedience brings death and destruction…and of his wife, Aisha, he was told, of her anger towards Allah, and how that hindered her from heaven. Then the angel continued, ‘there are so many orphans, good sons from which you could pick a child, and too, several young beautiful women from which to pick a woman’ but the preacher, sad and terrible went to the pyramid in heaven and tried to fall to his death, but in heaven, there is no death. And so the preacher was held in heaven, like several others, who to, heaven was hell.

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