Biological Robots

a writing by william andrews

Are you
an infestation
in our
just a biological robot
with flawed software
living in a loop
of listen remember
and believe
with no clue
on how to upload
the curiosity
thats needed
to understand
the software
that was fed to you
with a spoon
unable to upgrade
on how to use
common sense reasoning
to stupid to realize
your just a slave
to the machine
just a predesigned
natures creations
that we all need
to live
bending your back
with your
blood debts and tears
for the arrogance and greed
of others
ghosted and deplatformed
for those
who become aware
that the software
you are given
there's a price
that you pay
your submission
to the fear
of being free
with all
that it implys
the pain
of opening your eyes
seeing things
that should not be
watching your child
for the very first time
a generation
of infestation
just biological robots
bending there backs
with their blood
and tears
for the arrogance and greed
that you
with your
flawed software
have allowed to breed

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