Back in the Saddle

a writing by Kevin Rottweiler

Hello I am Kevin Rottweiler (dog author, poet, author, etc.) Letting you all know I am back into creative writing & the arts. My mom (Val) passed away last year, from Influenza / pneumonia, and she had a quiet & peaceful death. My brother & I were there till her last breath. She had outstanding care at the nursing home and they all loved her dearly. As soon as I witnessed her tragedy (Influenza / pneumonia) I enrolled in a Certificate program of Public Health. I am in college for the third time in my life to be a Laboratory Technician / Microbiologist, and am taking many courses in Infectious disease, epidemiology, prevention of illness, etc. I hope to work in a lab setting up the road, and help conquer these awful contagious infections. I have always liked science, but never completed my biology degree and I am receiving a small scholarship and going in the right direction. So I am working in retail again, for the holidays, and enjoying being a "young person" again, but past middle age. Thanks for your support, I love to write and see your work, as it gives me inspiration. THANKS, and happy holidays, Kevin.

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