In Lieu of a Musketeer Challenge.

a writing by Denis Barter

So once again we arrive at the end of another Musketeer Challenge. One I was honoured to chair once again. However, I will admit, I was just a little disappointed that, all things considered, the number of responses received was less than I had expected. All manner of excuses can be found, mostly due to a combination of members suffering illness - Richard Gildea and William Willis along with Eddie Jepson - recuperating being some of the more prominent lights and active - shall we say - Cavaliers of the Musketeer Band that are absent due to illness. Also there was the timing of the Challenge which coincided with American Thanksgiving and all the commercial brouhaha that begins around this time of the year, as Christmas approaches..

Having said thus, and with no knowledge of what next? I am about to suggest a temporary measure - A Challenge which might appeal to some of the membership? Not under the Musketeer banner as we know it, but a temporary, stop-gap Challenge which might - I’m ever hopeful - will appeal to some, until matters get sorted. At least until some knowledge of the next Challenge and the chosen Baton Holder who sets said Musketeer Challenge, is known.

If some other Member has an idea which might appeal and incite some to write and post? So be it. Let’s be hearing from you! At least it will be a positive step that keeps the long standing Musketeer Challenge, up front and centre, for the time being!

Surely it is not my right nor wish to take on another stint right now, but rather this, than see our monthly ‘get together’ disappear into oblivion! Hopefully, this will prove to be a ‘kick-start’ interim solution. What say the Members? I will monitor same, as and when circumstances allow! I'll do my best, but constant snows (shovelling) dictate what time I can afford to spend on monitoring any entries

Whilst I await Feedback, I ask you to consider writing a poem that might appeal to all or any age, under the Title of " My Most Favourite Christmas Present!"

It is now up to ALL MEMBERS! Feedback please! Suggestions for an alternate Challenge, or.... an Entry? Whatsoever you might feel is more apropos.

Thanks to all who accepted my last Challenge. Let’s be hearing from interested Members. Rhymer.

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