If the writer could be any Christmas Ornament on a Christmas tree what onewould you be?

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

I was working with a group of seniors to morning and just finish reading them some of the writers poems on Voice Net.
When they all asked me one question, that only you writers on this site can answer and share.
If the writers on this site could be a Christmas Ornament on a Christmas tree what one would you be?
They are all waiting for your poems on this subject, and they will be use to brighten the walls at their senior home.
Merry Christmas, and thank you for taking part and making a different.
I will also be taking them to schools and sharing your poems with the children I work with. I will use your poems, to try and get the kids interested in writing, and get everyone that lucky enough to hears them in the Christmas mood. Thank you again!
This challenge is not as easy as it seems, good luck! It also says a lot about us writers when we take time out of our busy day to help others. Again thank you!

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