If I was an ornament on a Christmas tree I would be list

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

Hello and Merry Christmas!

The following is a list of names who has took part so far for
poems that will be showed in Senior Homes, Schools, and Hospitals.
Each of these poems bring cheer, hope, and good will to others, who may need it the most. It fun for the writer too!

How this getting started is in 2013 I read as I do now poems from writers on this sight to Seniors, children, and hospitals,
Someone asked , " If these writers could be any ornament on a Christmas Tree which one will they be ? "
I posted this question to you the writer with great results.

AS time and years go by as they do, those children grew up, the people in the hospital got well, and the Seniors when
to their Higher Power.
Then yesterday what comes around, goes around again, as Children and my Seniors asked the same questions.

I thought it would be nice, and fun, to bring back some of the writers who wrote a Poem on this subject who no longer
able to join us this year. Every poem can be looked up on this site under the writers names.

If you had join us in 2013 for this even, please pick an ornament , and I am waiting to see if it the same one as in 2013. Or maybe you changed, as changed is in the air at this time of year. If you never have join us for this Event before your in for a treat!

Thank you to these writers and to you if you decide to join the list.

They each wrote a poem on , If I could be an ornament on a Christmas tree I would be ?

Bob Macchia - PINK RIBBON- Bob was a survivor of cancer, and he seize his miracle moment to share this in his poem.
The pink ribbon was Bob because he was a healer, and his poem help other has and find hope.
( Sadly Bob passed away , but his poem is still here giving!)

Charles Slides- A Star ! His poem the way it started made you feel happy and made you smile. Charles was a Star and a guiding light to all of us. He was unique ,just as the stars in heaven, and the star on top of a Christmas tree is.
( Charles to is missed, and his poem is still here giving for all to read. )

DALE COSTELLO- A LIGHTED SANTA ! His well written poem is what Christmas is all about Love. Dale, is bright and shiny, unique and you can see this in every poem he write. .
Dale, is Santa, because he always giving and thinking of others.. He makes time for others, no matter how busy his day may be. As you can see he always put others first, as he
did here in writing a poem for strangers that will make a huge difference in their lives .
That makes the ornament Santa, the perfect one for him.
Thanks for being the first one, on my challenge!

TRACY WINDISCH MASON - SNOW! Tracy, you are the snow, bright, beautiful and one of a kind. Just as God made the snow unique. He made Tracy unique, and exactly the women and writer He wanted her to be. Tracy, just like the snow, you have always brighten up the world around you with your positive determination . A beautiful package and gift inside and out. You SHINE !
Tracy poem, is number two, thank you Tracy !

NISHU MATHUR- Nishu, is just like the bell a designer original. A one of a kind creation. She brings cheer, joy, and delight to others, as she did with this well written poem. And every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.
Nishu, made a huge difference in this world by reaching across the miles to strangers with her poem.. And every time a bell rings where think of Nishu, an angel on earth.
Nishu, is the third poem, thank you, Nishu.

DENIS BARTER- An, ELF, that would indeed be you. The beauty of the Spirit within you, that shines for all to see,
makes you an designer original just like an elf. Taking time and helping others and animals, lot of energy, makes knowing Denis one of the best gifts of Christmas and a blessing all year long . Elf are also intelligent, very highly skilled, active, mischievous ,and makes dreams a reality. .Denis , is all those things and more!
Denis, poem is number four, thank you Denis !

Nishu, RUDOLPH because she is a leader. A STAR, because she bright! A SNOWWOMEN, and a smart one, all warm and snug on a special Christmas Tree. SNOWFLAKE, magical. ANGEL and BELL. always singing. and always cheerful. Yes, Nishu, you are all of these and much much more, to every life you touch !
NISHU, poem is number five, thank you NIshu !

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