Poets who poems made a differnce today

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

I wanted to share with fellow writers how two poems made a difference today. I asked writers to join me in an Event for Seniors, Schools, and Hospital in writing a poem on :" If I could be any ornament on a Christmas tree which one would I be ? "

The Hospital and Dale Costello poem

The Hospital air was stale, as I posted Dale's poem on a message board near the main lobby. I notice
a small child with salty teardrops following down his chin and onto the floor,as if raindrops falling from the sky.

“ Hi there ! You look sad.

The little brown eyes boy smile and told me he was sad, his father had passed away. Then asked me what I was doing ?

I told him about our event and read Dale's poem to him.

The tiny boy laughed and told me he was thinking about his parents and the two doves of love on that Christmas tree in the poem. And he told me that even in death love was still there .

The little boy asked me to thank the writer ! And I want to thank you too, as a writer you just showed us how writing can make a difference to someone in need.

The Teen and Tracy Windisch Mason Poem

I went to the Alcohol and Drug Rehab for teens and was posting Tracy poem, when a teen came along and read her poem.

The teenager told me, “ I too am like the snow and Tracy, as I too have a fresh new start in life today.” She too thought this poem was written just for her, and maybe it was.

As I wrote down the site for her to read more of Tracy poems, two other teen came along and seen hope in her poem. And as they read, snowflakes, each unique and one of a kind,began to fall.

All three teens wanted me to thank the writer for her gift of communication, understanding, and encouragement.


Santa's Breakfast and Nishu Mathur poem

Every year lucky children and adult gather in our city for Breakfast with Santa, and this year was no exception.
I read Nishu poem to a sold out crowd . I then passed out bells in Nishu honor where we all sang Jungle bells.
Afterwards the little ones with adult help make ornaments and a sparkly bell in silver or gold or both was one of these made.

Nishu poem brought smiles and laughter to everyone in that room. And an awareness of where she come from,
as I always share a little about the writers before I read the poems.

A five year old with wide blue eyes yelled, " It really came from India ? " Yes, Sara, it really did !

Denis Barter, and his poem at the Senior center

I went to the Senior Center Christmas Breakfast and was invited to read Denis's poem to seniors and their families.
Everyone clapped so loudly and enjoyed the poem, as smiles spread across the room.
Afterwards each person made elf ornaments for their trees at home or the one at the center in Denis honor.

As a writer Denis is another good example of being how writing, gives back to others, even strangers.
Thank you Denis, for using your professional writing skills in a unique way to help others.

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