ENGLAND ALL RIGHT - "Snow Is Falling"

a writing by James Stephen Thompson

England All Right-"Snow Is Falling"

Road to Damascus refers to a sudden turning point in one's life. It goes on … It's in reference to the conversion to Christianity of the apostle Paul while literally on the road to Damascus from Jerusalem. Prior to that moment, he had been called Saul, and was a Pharisee who persecuted followers of Jesus.

The English name of the city is "Damascus" and has its meaning; "a well-watered land". As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting," he replied. "Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do."

After completing my read for the morning, and the time of year approaching Christmas, I decided that I should visit the City myself. My local City being Nottingham that I can reach by bus with no difficulties. All Christmas scenes and activities were certainly on show and stalls around the market place added to the activities. I did have a bit of Christmas shopping to see to, which to my surprise, within such a crowed City centre of enjoyment, was soon seen to.

There were so many folk in bars, restaurants and the shops too, where conversations could be overheard. It has been as time has passed by, over and over again I would have overheard particular words being spoken by parents to their offspring; “You still have a long way to travel!”

It takes me back actually to my very early days and at the age of three when my mother spoke out to our window cleaner, naturally after he had completed cleaning the windows of the home where we dwelled night and day. It was as the conversation progressed, the window cleaner turned to me, crouched down and stated the words; “You have a long way to travel!”

Quite honestly, my first response was excitement as I began to wonder where I was being taken. My mother meanwhile explained to me that; “You shall learn with time.”

I can today without doubt, state that over the previous fifty-five years, I have been doing exactly that, as I have been travelling along the path that God had planned for me from the beginning.

Maybe although being under paid, my period of overworking upon the grounds of the National Health Service here in England, has now reached its full stop as I relax within a home of my own. A home within a still and calm quiet vicinity, within outskirts of the chosen town. For it is today that I relax a percentage of my time, both physically and mentally, although wake up Spiritually.

Throughout my working years and today, I have never taken to actually travelling away on a holiday with the intention of approaching and achieving so to accomplish a further step forward. My time I have spent approaching problems at home or at work, and as a carpenter, achieving access so to accomplish. Simply through faith find light into what- ever the problem, and God shall guide you through to the end.

A percentage of my career would have been spent sorting medical folders and even in a way, murdering the confidential information by throwing it into an incinerator, once safely filmed and no longer required.

Naturally I myself, now being much closer in ways of reaching Damascus as, I sit or stand and hear from what today I myself can picture through my own experiences of the past. As for how situations have existed recently within the Houses of Parliament, I would say that they still have a long way to travel. With all members of the public being invited to yet a further political vote very recently, today after all results had been handed in and counted, it so does seem that England wishes to remain on a road that is; “All Right.”

It was however, the following day as temperatures fell below zero, and the snow did begin to so quietly and peacefully drift to the ground, one begins to wonder from where it had come. The forecast however, once again looking ahead, had reached the correct conclusion; “All White.”

The thoughts that travelled through my mind as I stood relaxed in a warm home watching through patio windows in need of a clean, the layer of snow outside begin to settle and build up. It was taking me back in time as minutes past by and the white snow-flakes continued to descend within such a grey and gloomy atmosphere. It was getting at my mind in a variety of ways, through the presence of such an atmosphere, certainly during my time, representing scenes from within the NHS. Or then, unto those who are determined to make progress along the road, all was now appearing white as upon the ground, footsteps began to emerge so to appear! Well, I had myself made it along the road although having the task of dealing with so many medical folders from all floors, and all areas of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and I had been taken through so much. Was the Conservative party now going to proceed and make progress so to bring forth such enthusiastic changes also within the NHS?

It was at this point of time, I turned away from viewing across my garden from a row of white framed patio door windows within the home, and began to walk away. It was as I did so, a sudden flash of light or I suppose, avalanche of snow abruptly fell from the roof to the ground. A dramatic transformation of attitude or belief had sure come about. Well, if not my next piece, maybe it could be viewed as a further delivery of medical records. However, let’s leave it in the hands of the workers on the road today. After all, I cannot see where they have now reached. I shall have to pray that all is right. For I can assure, don’t be left!

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