Truth even Lies

a writing by P M

At this point, i was over with it
I wanted a new begining
I was neither angry nor sad
i was neither holding on to a memory
Her words changed everything.
I wanted to begin to live my truth and set a new path for a brand new future.

"Reading back to what you've said earlier about me messing with your mind/heart..It was never my intention and I'm truly sorry. My past is no excuse . As I have stated previously it was selfish of me. I'm no good for you. Regarding that bit of my past that I've told you last night..I shouldn't have shared that.I feel embarrased . I didn't know what I was thinking. Maybe it was a need to be understood. I've healed and had gotten over these a long time ago. Anyway, I hope your headache is gone and hopefully you're fully rested and that you feel better."

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