Musketeer Challenge for January 2020 !

a writing by Denis Barter

Another month and the year 2019 gone by, and Westly’s Challenge, received some surprising replies. Well done Westly for carrying the baton in our time of need. Having said thus, I now throw out the following Challenge to you, in hopes that we can keep the Musketeer Challenge and Spirit alive.

With Xmas and the New Year now behind us, perhaps Members will have more time to participate. To give you sall a wide open field, I suggest that this month’s Challenge, all of you consider, and having done so, write a Poem, Diatribe, Rant or just a general observation. Whatever excites you to respond? with the following Theme as your base.

“When I’ve Got Time on My Hands!”

I’ll do my best to respond - Mother Nature determines as to how, and when I can do so, as snow clearing takes precendence and I awakened this morning to see yet more snow lying awaiting the clearance brigade! One man, one shovel and a few hours of work - for the third day running! I am praying for an early Spring. Any volunteers? Coffee and cookies your reward!

Get your thinking caps on and let’s be hearing from you. Ciao for now. Rhymer. - Please excuse my audacity, but feel I must stand in for the Absent Threesome. Ciao for now Denis.

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