On Good Health

a writing by Paul Butters

What is Life all about? Well, first and foremost it is about Staying Alive. Simple as that.

Survival is initially about Security of course. But then it’s about Health. Which in turn comes from good Nutrition and Exercise.

As an obese Type 2 Diabetic I need to Avoid too much Refined Sugar, Carbohydrate, Alcohol etc. I particularly must Avoid Crisps, bread and excessive potatoes. Calorie Control is required. Limited Portions. But plenty of vegetables, salads, fibre, fruit, healthy oils and so forth.

I also need to spend much more time on my feet and be more active. More walking, more lounge-workouts. Maybe get back to running and jogging and even swimming. Carry on with that invaluable table tennis of course.

In short, I should feel like I am in my own “Army”: dedicated not to war but to promoting “Wellbeing”, starting with myself. I must help others too of course. And furthermore, be a soldier of Conservation: fighting for Mother Nature. But that’s another story, or two. Nuff Said.

Paul Butters

© PB 11\1\20.

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