a brief letter..

a writing by Dale Costello

I have served and I know I continue to.. I serve Earth and human thought.. real in this love the soul holds complete

I thought that I might abuse a different forum, medium.. whatever (im not on a mission) pursue a different thought and address the incredible universe of my acquaintances within the lost art of a letter.. to wit.. mostly the ones I love and the ones who might read such bravado as this poetry broken down into words. Firstly.. I love you. My children. their children. my close friends and closer enemies. my muse. and some of the most beautiful poets twitter and voicesnet will ever see.. I love this journey and that. Still love the cat in the hat in fact and without due tact or self applause to pull out ten drawers and salute him.. You might have noticed thats how I am.. spilling off that last thought and often abstract in the next. Of course the great love of my life is this Earth. this physical organism that I am somehow conscious in.
that my consciousness has grown throughout my life abstract of the world and somehow on a parallel.. As a young child this relationship left memories where life may not have.. the things She has said to us this incredible planet.. I remember hiding under a bed when I was four.. She said I would be safe. I fell asleep But one time I slept too long and they find us and She say we never be safe in that spot again.. At four I understood knowledge and consequence as most people would the scent of a flower.. I describe these things to demonstrate that which I have never left.. that relationship is the one I exist in to serve but has become my greatest source of love on the hard roads and in the battlefields.

People often talk about God but then are the most alarmed when you describe a lifelong relationship. Yet this is the relationship you would seek if I am not wrong.. that shared soul. where none of the worlds lies pierce.. where jackson Browne pops up on the radio cos he likes this part.. “In the shape of a heart”

I do not preach this relationship. We all have one. More with Earth than a book let alone the specific one. But we digress, spill light ahead of the mess, confess, leave it all for your geuss, that cat, he’s like that.. loves the rhyme, reminds us of that time.. Bruce was doing Seuss on his show with Maddie, and one of te baddies, and the quicker the patter the more Bruce would batter with his intellect, without quarter or circumspect, beat out more rhymes than fists, a dude with long lists, of beautiful women kissed, and cats to boot.

It has become a universe and you all my fellow planets.. my 3 beautiful children. their 3 beautiful children are my galaxy. where my friends visit and my muse sleeps warm where the sun glimpses her skin.. For a long time I fought the complications of Earth and world.. I realise now they are largely irrelevant. My greatest issue is born of the fact that I am born human yet largely pre-dispossessed of humanity.. Thats a big word and Im glad my soul knows it cos I had to look it up for context.. and yet the soul is spot on there Willis.

So I send this letter out to you, my friends, some who have seen me through all kinds of weather, all nature of adventure and miscreant debacle.. Yet I am still here, largely due to Her but more importantly I remain in this conversation because of you. The ones who listen to more of Her through me than anyone except myself..
the ones who know the truth of Her I admire most.. knowing it is truly the most difficult path to find your way with faith and not words.. that is why we write.. so that Earth and muse may reveal us.. and this growing Universe I know is bigger than the universe itself..
how? how can I know this thing? Because those wings that flew in the window of that first breath itself came from beyond and to me.. the beautiful implosion of nothing began and begins again.. it is our own evolution. that we compress the nothing and the energy and in the end we have the flowers of those words.. like little weed and bill and ben pawning off local news as their latest bits..from the nothing flows everything.. I am the river and the soul and light bouncing from twin to twin into earth again..
then this child just holding Hesses’ Siddhartha again.. the ink that Hermann left me with his heart never drunk on the bottle.. such descriptions so serene I did most times just leave to dream.. and dream of this.. this kiss on your forehead because you will know I am here and you will know me wherever I am because I always speak the same.. I am never more than the relationship my mind can make with my soul and all conversations spinning beautiful from there.. and so ours and yours and my child I am your child and the conversation rebirth again.. I love you. My children have already taught me more than the soul could say and the Earth could cry out in ecstasy..

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