The Selfish Turtle

a writing by Bache Matilda

Jack was not only greedy and selfish, he was very cunning and deceitful. He always desired to have lots and lots for himself. He never hesitated to cheat others to have his way. He never shared anything with others.

one day, the king of heaven called for a grand feast and all animals answered present. Cunny Jack registered himself as "All of you". After a long-time of intertainment, came the time animals like Jack who washed up their stomach the previous day were eagerly waiting for.
Royal servants entered the reception hall with enough food and drinks after the king has left asking his invitees to feel comfortable and enjoy every bit of what will be offered to them. After placing the varieties on tables, they turned and announced to the guest:
- On behalf of our king, this is for all of you. Much is still coming.
After they left, Jack stood up and rush rapidly in front and announced.
-You all heard the servants. Everything here is for "All of you". Pointing himself that means "me". So, sit and for your turn. After saying that he jumped on the table started eating ignoring the others who were angrily murmuring amongst them and arguing. He ate, ate and ate. After he had finished everything, the servants came in again with enough and the again turned the invitees and said -on behalf of the king, all this here is for all of you. Again Jack stood and reminded others that the food and drinks were for him "All of you". He ate and drank everything without minding his angry companions.
For the third time, food and drinks were served and greedy Jack did not stop opening wide his full stomach to empty everything alone.
The king's spokesperson entered later and thanked all the guest for honouring the king's call and announced the end of the feast.
The guests quietly and sadly stood up and started walking through the door to regain their various homes.
Jack feeling heavy and tired asked for some help but no one wished to help after what he did.
He slowly walked and manage to reach the door. He stood there quietly for long time. Then taking courage once more he started pleading with the birds, begging one after the other to take him down. He promised many things but they all refused his offers. They carried all the other animals and left Jack. When Jack saw that the heaven were to be closed, he jumped in the space.

The evil men do leaves with them

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