February 2020 Challenge.

a writing by Denis Barter

Hi One, Hi All,

Having taken stock of what little poetry is being and has been, posted of late, and no Challenge for February ongoing, despite my plea for a volunteer to put up same, thought perhaps I will give it one more chance! I would suggest to those who care, it certainly appears that VN fast deteriorates without the Musketeer Challenge. Unless of course, you get pleasure from all the Ads?

Having said thus, I will put up the following Challenge to see if I can possibly kick-start the seemingly dead, impetus - call it S.A.D. if you wish? that may well be at the root cause of many poets lack of inspiration. I thought I’d offer something - nothing too mind stretching nor complicated as a topic. Not easy to set I might add, and I’m not so sure I can handle a flood of responses - although it would be nice to see one! However, Mother Nature permitting, I will do my best!

So I suggest you put your brains to work and write a poem, rant of whatever, with the following in mind: The year advances but as much remains the status quo (the same), So let others see what

Your “(or My) Dream for Tomorrow” might be?

So there you are my friends. My last kick at the can, as some
say! Let’s see how many will or might take part? I will leave it there for now. The Challenge is in your court. Get cracking. Rhymer.

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