a writing by Abimbola Florence Abatta

• When life strikes you across the face, don't waste your tears. Surprise life with genuine happiness.

• When fear lays siege on your heart, confront it with confidence. You can tame your fears.

• When life's tempests assail your boat, hold on tight and don't despair. Calm will come.

• When friends desert you, don't fret, better friends are coming your way. However, be a priceless friend.

• When people despitefully use you, don't seek revenge. At times, silence is the best revenge.

• When love seems to pierce your heart and soul, don't slump into hatred. Love is our nature; let love live.

• When your laughter is laced with pain and when your smile is shrouded in sorrow, don't worry, the pain and sorrow of today will become history tomorrow.

• When depression and suicidal thoughts hug you tight, seek help. Talk with real friends, counsellors or coaches until these vices flee your soul.

• When naysayers negate your dreams, keep quiet. Follow the dreams of your heart. Never share your dreams with haters, it is dangerous.

• When a vision drops in your mind, set goals. Plan properly for the vision to come alive.

• When doubts dig a dungeon in your heart, cover them with faith. Believe in you; you were made for something great.

• Whenever you feel like giving up, erase the feeling. It's not easy, I know. But giving up is not an option.

Don't be weary; don't be fed up. Life doesn't come easy. Remember the pain your mama went through to have you. Make you proud and make your generation proud.

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