A Short Story This Thursday

a writing by SylviaFrances Chan

One sunny day, when the sun shines beautifully,
I wander as a lonely cloud, along small lakes and waters undeep.
While the tulips are bowing their heads politely, I keep thinking where have I to go?
To my students and lunch together with them in the massa or solitairily in a comfortable lunchroom?

I continue my walking and decided to go to the fantastic.lunch corner, a cosy restaurant remoted in the lovely part of the town.
I am going to have my lunch solitarily, I murmured to myself.

While I was waiting for my order, a nice facing woman entered the room.
She smiled at me and came to sit down in front of me. She asked me a few minutes before whether the place was occupied or not. She took her time to read the delicious menu.

Greatest silence betwixt us.

Then I said unexpectedly to her
let me introduce myself:
+ Good afternoon, how long have you been here?
- A long time, I think
+ what will you do?
- I don't know yet
+ You are really new here, aren't you?
-You can say that more or less
+ you've been here since December, they said, are you planning to stay longer?
- that depends on the cold, if it stays cold, then I like that and will stay for a while
+ I like warmth, if it stays so cold, I say goodbye to the coldness and go to my brother in Jakarta
- a pity then, will I see you next season?
+ I don't know
oh, yeah my name is Sylvia Frances, solong!
-and my name is Corona Virus, they also tease me with a nickname:
Covid-19, Co is for corona, Vi is for virus and d-19 is for disease of the year 2019.
Difficult? No, one must be able to recognize me, indeed I am neither a good girl nor a beauty….

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