a writing by Ugwu Ifeanyi Leonard Elvis(Leonard D Great)

This is the story of my life.
My name is Leonard Elvis, my friends call me Leo. Even as I bury these alphabets on blank pages, I am still perplexed about my personality. I found myself crying helplessly at the laps of my mother, she couldn’t tell what the problem is, I have sapped her breast milk, now the milk drop through my nose, I could sleep no more neither could I keep my eyes open. My trouble reminds her of a baby burden which has knocked for nine months and today a door stream has been opened for untainted paradox. I decided to grow forth my personality. As a ten day toddler who just visited the world, a strange sound of chuckles breathing directly from open verses of a poetic horizon. I leaped with joyful cries, yet people behind wondered how troublesome this wide mouth and shrink face would be. My voice sprang honor to people around as they stepped into the hospital ward
The words echoed endlessly.
“she needs rest" the nurse exhaled
Not even the mirrors could tell how handsome I was, even at 27 years, I still have a silky hair, attractive smiles and sexy macho.

As I grew, my first familiar encounter to life, was the days of my nursery when I came back to school with results as bad as staying at home, thence my mother read it aloud to me "He is to repeat his class for he shook hands with play and took his studies to the mud". She stood gazing at me, soon she burst out tears as I joined her.

(To be continued ; updated every month).

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