God. Is. Always. Listening

a writing by Louise Marie Robello

Release your doubts let your fears fall off like dead skin, you have to
know God is listening to all of your
prayers from deep within. Why is God allowing this Corona virus to
take so many lives, leave me and
millions like me unemployed. We can only leave to go to stores with
gloves and practice social distancing with everyone to try and
keep this thing from spreading. Mayans predicted something like this would happen in 2020, it's not
God's fault. Why is He not intervening to end this nightmare?
These questions run through so many minds as well as my own. He
does or doesn't do things He has his reasons. We learned how to love cause God taught us to, He installed hope in all of our hearts and put kindness in the lead. You
can feel Him when you pray, He is
always waiting to hear from each
of you. Please reach out to Him
and give Him a chance, you will feel
a sense of peace and a warm feeling in your soul.

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