Chapter 17: Fantasy vs Reality

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 17: Fantasy vs Reality

I have so many questions for Rosie and her family.

"Why do you try to blend in?" I ask.

"So we can live ordinary lives," Sandra says.

"Why not go far away to a magical land and live magical lives?" I ask.

"In magical lands there will always be people who abuse their power. It's not a safe place, especially for Rosie who hasn't developed her powers fully," Rochelle says.

"But Earth isn't a safe place for Rosie either is it?" I ask.

"Don't," Rosie mutters.

"What?" Sandra asks frowning.

"What about the boys who make fun of you?" I ask.

"What boys?" Rochelle asks.

"Just some boys, its nothing," Rosie says looking away.

"No it's not. What do they do? What do they say?" Sandra asks.

"Just stuff," Rosie says.

"Rosie we aren't dropping this until you tell us," Sandra says.

"I agree. We need to know," Rochelle says.

"It's stupid. They tease me because you're both women and Rochelle's black," Rosie says.

There is silence.

"So these are racist and homophobic boys then?" Rochelle asks.

Rosie nods.

"We will stop it," Sandra says

"Will you use magic?" I ask

"We will do something ,"Rochelle says

"Are there racist and homophobic people in the fantasy world?" I ask

"Sometimes. No place is perfect," Sandra says

"So why do you hide?" Rosie asks me

"Secrecy laws," I say

"Then why not live among other robots?" Rochelle asks

"I don't fit in. They are all programmed to like themselves and they have a purpose. I don't," I say.

"One day soon you will find a purpose," Rosie says.

Sandra and Rochelle nod.

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