Chapter 19: My Experiment

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 19: experiment

"TV is not very accurate at all," Sandra says.
"What about documentaries?" I ask.
"Some are. But things like "Reality tv," arent that real," Rosie says.

"So people don't throw drinks in people's faces?" I ask.
"Not often no," Rochelle says.
"Oh," I say. TV is what I have based my judgement of earth to be.

"It can maybe be an experiment for you to decide what's accurate about TV and what's not," Sandra says.
"Yes it could be interesting," Rosie says.
"Definitely," Rochelle says.
"It will keep me busy I guess. Not having a purpose is boring," I say.

"You can let us know what you find out in your experiment," Rosie says.

"Do you have work to do?" I ask.

"Well its the six week holiday but I do have some homework. We can work together," Rosie says.

"I need to find a new job," Sandra says.
"Maybe me too. They are mostly white middle class straight men where I work. Diversity is a foreign word there," Rochelle says.
"That's not good, you want somewhere you feel happy," Sandra says and she hugs Rochelle.
"Yeah definitely. I don't want to work 9-5 in a place I hate. It sets a bad example to Rosie," Rochelle says.

"You always tell me to follow my dreams," Rosie says.
"So now I need to follow my own advice," Rochelle says.
"I need to find a place that won't run out of money," Sandra says.

"Are witches not psychic?" I ask.

"No," Sandra says.

"TV is wrong again then," I say.

They all laugh.

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