Chapter 22: Homework

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 22: Homework

"Why do you get homework?" I ask

"To ruin my summer," she says and rolls her eyes. Then she giggles and says "that was a joke. It's to make sure I keep learning."
"How much homework did you get?"
"A bit. You've helped with the science, geography, history and maybe. Now I need to do the English. I need to write something creative. Ah, I could write a proposal for a modern Fairytale."

"Do you have anything else to do?"

"Well Im supposed to keep active for P.E but its hard when those idiots could be around. So I'm going to forget that fit now. You've got me hooked on this modern Fairytale idea. "

I think of hooked then I realise she means "hooked," in a different way. I am relieved.

"Do adults get homework?" I ask.

"Sometimes if they are on an adult learning course."

"What happens if you don't do it?"

"You get punished and feel disappointed I imagine."

"What happens when you do it?"

"It's off your: To do list. And you feel proud of yourself."

" I've never had homework before."


"Maybe humans are logical beings sometimes."

"Maybe. The experiment could be classed as homework."

"But I wasn't threatened with punishment,"


"It's been a useful task anyway,"

"It's been a useful task anyway,"

"It's not finished yet. My parents have some nice guys to introduce you to as well."

"Oh yes. That will make a pleasant change."

"Do you have any suggestions for my proposal?"

I think about how rare it is for humans to care for non humans thoughts.


Sandra and Rochelle invite some nice guys over and I hide away to observe the situation. I expected bullied to look like the bad people in films and nice guys to look like the good guys in films but the opposite is true. I expected nice guys to be popular and bullies unpopular but the opposite is true. Rosie may feel relieved completing her homework but I am simply left with more questions.

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