Chapter 23: Conclusion

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 23: Conclusion

Everyone is excited to hear the findings from my experiment. I feel like my findings are actually disappointing. I'm in front of Rosie, Rochelle and Sandra who are sat in the sofa looking at me with excited expressions.

"I've called my project: A Robots Review of Humanity. I have based my research from television and real life observations. I have found that although TV is supposed to be real, humans tend to watch TV to escape reality. TV is often full of stereotypes, is sexist, whitewashed, ableist, heteronormative, cisnormative and elitist. TV is often an exaggeration of reality for entertainment value. TV I'd often biased to a political agenda. TV often sells the idea that humans will be happier if they go out more, lose weight, spend more money and go on holidays a lot. People have turned away from owning tvs due to having to pay for a TV license to cover the cost of certain channels despite the fact not everyone watches those channels. A lot of people watch TV on other devices too small for group viewing. So TV, once a family tradition, I'd often a drama viewing watched alone on a tiny mobile phone screen."

They whoop and I feel like they have been watching me like they would TV.

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