Chapter 24: Music

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 24: Music

Afterwards Rosie starts talking about the things in life that add joy to her life. She starts talking about music. She is angry at artists who "sell out," as she liked their original style and feels like they compromised themselves to be popular. Also she is angry at artists who release an album to then a few months later release a few more singles then revise the album so the fans have an outdated album and need to buy another one with the few extra tracks on. Rosie also thinks its a shame for artists who grew up poor to then charge so much for albums and tickets to see their shows. She talks about how inaccessible they are as they are often so expensive, and not always wheelchair friendly or have interpreters for deaf people. She talks about how some people are afraid in crowds or of loud noises.

"What do you like about music?" I ask because she has listed so many negative things.

"That the lyrics can sometimes connect to you on a personal level and you can relate. I'm not talking about robotic music- no offence- but the really powerful songs."

She plays me some songs and I analyse the language and find its mostly emotive language. I think that it's good that people can find joy in something that lasts a few minutes.
It makes me hope one day I will feel joy instead of feeling trapped in this body that is not mine.

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