Chapter 25: the bullies

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 25: the bullies

There's an unexpected knock at the door. I hide in a closet but I manage to hear the conversation.
The bullies are here with their Mums who forced them to come and apologise. They are not allowed to leave until they give a genuine apology and promise to leave Rosie alone in future which they do.
They do sound genuine and also embarrassed.
When they leave Rosie whoops in relief.
When I exit the closet she seems so happy and so do Sandra and Rochelle.
"Why did they bully you? I don't understand," I say.
"A few resend. Because I have two mind. Rochelle is black. Because I have no friends and no boyfriend. Because I try hard at school. But they don't get it. I'm Dyslexic, so i have to work hard to make the words make sense to me. I'm not stupid and because I work hard it doesn't make me a swot," Rosie says.
"Course it doesn't love," Rochelle says giving her a smile while Sandra hugs Rosie.
"Does this mean they will bully someone else now?" I ask.
"Oh god. I hope not. I hadn't thought of that," Rosie says sounding worried.
"They won't. If they do please tell someone," Sandra said.
"Yes I can't stand the thought of them upsetting someone else like that. It's unbearable," Rochelle says.

"What will they do if they don't bully people?" I ask.

"Get a life hopefully. I don't know," Sandra says.

"Play, I hope," Rosie says.

It feels like an enemy has been defeated.

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