Chapter 31: Old Woman

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 31: Old Woman

Rosie includes some poetry in her modern Fairytale.
One of them is about women.

"It's official: defend women's rights,
I was certain from an early age that women's voices mattered,
The referendum,

We should not have men telling us what to do with our bodies
Dos and donts

News, views and glamourama
Nothing inspires
I always felt like to fit
Cover looks

Up close and flawless
Hello gorgeous
So chic control
Seductively tender
Hey it's on
It's ok to ask for help
The most comfortable look is passion
Confidence is everything
Just: how it feels."

She also has a philosophical poem:

What if money doesn't matter?
What if fame is not the key?
What if thinness does not flatter?
What if cosmetic surgery should not be?
What if religion is not the power?
What if war does not change?
What if beauty is not a delicate flower?
What if luck is something you cannot arrange?
What if the truth does not set you free?
What if the answer is NO where would you be?
What if?
What if ?
What if?

She tells me her grandmother writes poetry and that is why she likes it so much.

"Which grandmother?" I ask.

"Oh well it was Rochelle's mother but I call her my grand mother. Like I call Rochelle and Sandra Mum even though they adopted me after they were there for my birth which made them feel like they gave birth to me."

"Oh," I say.

"You can meet her if you like."

"Yes," I say. I realise I have not met an elderly person before.

Her name is Maya and she is a witch from Latvia. She lives alone as Rochelle's Dad died of cancer. She is very wise and comes out with a lot of thought provoking things. She has long white hair and although she is old she barely sits still as she says that "sitting is the new smoking." It makes me reflect that my very still lifestyle may not be healthy for a robot. She says that nowadays the worlds obsessed with labels and she doesn't care how somebody identifies as long as they are good people.
"What's a good person?" I ask.
"An honest and kind person." She says.

She doesn't care that I'm a robot and she says I can still be good if I want to be.

"Just remember to not change, even when your shape changes. I don't just mean when you change form. I mean life is a series of changes and to stay yourself whether you are young or old, rich or poor, in a relationship or single," she says.

I wonder if many robots have relationships?

She has given me a lot to think about.

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