Chapter 32: Conflict

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter 32: Conflict

I wish I thought of the reality of how long travelling from other planets takes before I told my story to Rosie and her Mum's. I wish I knew what would have happened next then I would have been more prepared. We had an unexpected visitor the day after we saw Maya. At first it was a man who said he was called Travis and he wanted to check the electricity. When he came in though he transformed I to three different mini robots.
One was a tracker.
One was a fighter.
One was the talker.

The names flashed in LED lights on their smooth metal bodies.




The Talker explained I came from a factory called "Another planet," and that the Tracker had managed to track me down and they wanted to take me back to the factory but if I did not come quietly the Fighter was there to use force.

I am not proud of the next bit.

I pretended that I was willing to come with them and then when they were at ease I destroyed them by using my powers.

Luckily Rosie, Rochelle and Sandra leapt out of the way but some of the house was destroyed.

Then I went into shutdown mode and sent out an error message that took them a week to resolve. When I came around they had a lot of questions for me but I started shutting down again so they left me alone.

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