Brawn and agony

a writing by Anshika Biswal

Days,time,life everything is moving so briskly that I feel left out.
Things around are contradictory,so as my content's title.
Let me sit all alone by myself,embrace my flaws,and ask myself a bit more than I ever do , a bit softer that I ever can,a bit deeper than I ever did.,and there I can know the real me.
I see the shrubs,the herbs,the grasslands all devastated and so as mankind and followed by humanity.
Ahh what unsympathetic folks around,and so as the air.
Let no tender bud of summer evenings be pulled up,let no human starve for compassion ,let the air be filled with Ruth, kindness, empathy,mercy ,pity and moreover love.
Imagine we all are one and this is the need of the hour .
Discern the trembling fist and heal the affliction of heaven.

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