Lockdown Spirit

a writing by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda

'Home sweet Home',I have been repeating this as often as possible not to mention the chanting of God's innumerable names umpteen number of times.This has become my lifestyle in the recent times thanks to a disease that is throttling
the whole world and is consuming human lives with an unsatiated hunger.Scary.
Sometimes I tell myself this was how our ancestors lived way back then when they didn't have technology to ferry them all over the world.But they had the freedom to go out whenever it pleased them,meet friends and relatives or just sit in a quiet corner of the woods watching the sunrise and sunset,doing nothing at all.That was a totally different lifestyle altogether.They led a colorful life,celebrating this festival or that wedding;gorging food,laughing,singing and dancing ;traveling to far off places just to be with friends and relatives; attending functions;or just sit outside holding meetings with neighbors;gossiping about this boy and that girl in an innocuous way of course.
No doubt ,with the rocket speed lifestyle that we had been leading of late,there had been no scope for all this but atleast we would meet friends at the workplace; chitchat and gossip over a cup of coffee;go on a shopping spree to malls;travel at lightening speed to other places;visit picturesque
places during vacations; spend quality time with the spouse and children.
All on a sudden the world has come to a stand still with uncertainty of life glaring at us.The first few days of 'stay at home' was pleasant, mainly ,because after a long,long time the whole human kind which was caught in a rat race of sorts,got enough breathing time and the rushing madness had suddenly come to a stand still.Children were happy because they need not go to school; grownups were happy that they could relax : the elderly were happy to see their sons and daughters and grandchildren at home.But ,for how long would this go on?
Now,my fettered spirit decided to break the shackles and fly out of the window to see the world and what it saw mesmerised it,shocked it and made it cry.
Nature was in her relaxed best with very few humans loitering around.The beautiful boulevards ,the empty streets,the majestic buildings .... and then animals had stepped out of their hiding,curious to see and experience the freedom the humans had deprived them of .A majestic elephant inspecting the main streets of an empty city; herds of deer sauntering around on a once busy street,peacock dancing a graceful rain dance on the thoroughfare of a once crowded city which had now become quiet;python curling up in a gym;wild bisons taking a morning walk on the asphalted streets of a town;butterflies flitting from flower to flower swans having their best in lakes that were now deserted. My spirit was filled with joy and drifted to the woods.They were quiet,relaxed because there was almost zero human activity.The same peace greeted me at the sea shore.
But,then my spirit was badly shaken by shrieks of humans hurling profanities and stones at the personnel who had come to shift patients to hospitals for further care.Even at this hour of crisis when human race was in danger of being wiped out, the petty human nature was showing its ugly face. Anger and distrust blinded some that they resorted to this violence.I had seen enough.My spirit raced back to its confinement glad that it was back in its home.But even here the ugly side of human nature had taken over.Domestic violence was at its worst,boredom was killing,uncertainty was looming large.
But all this is a passing phase.Every cloud has a silver lining.

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