I call it Fake

a writing by Kashif Ali Abbas

In this strange thing called LIFE, one has to come up with survival skills to keep at bay all the Fakes. The originals have to stay on guard. Such is the case in Pakistan, with emerging of Covid19 and the lock down enforced, things are really getting out of hand. Call it hobby or intentional paradox of con artists, that fake people are ruling everywhere.

The penetrate into education and calling things that would harm the true education. They are eating our literature upside down from within. These fakes, unlike originals, are only after cheap money and these snitches can go to any limit to attain their goals. By promoting, religious frenzy stories, they are making everyone a fool and are selling their own dirty agendas in the name of literature.

One must not forget other things such as business, sports or cultural activities where these fakes are showing no sportsmanship. It is the need of the hour to recognize such self claimed people and teach them a hard lesson, like giving them their own medicine.

I call it fake; fake media as Trump would throw them under the bus, but reality hurts and this is a crystal clear reality that fakes are flourishing among covid19.

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