a writing by Emmanuel Ilo

Scene: Sago, a sage figure, and his granddaughter, Adda, are burdened about some unfolding troubling global events.

SAGO: It exploded upon the world suddenly. At that special time when the old year is rolling away all the misfortunes and a new year is heralding all the blessings, through fervent supplications and earnest mutual well wishes of the season's celebrants, that is the time the world's deadliest enemy stole in quietly; that most unlikely time to expect disaster, death or destruction. It is a surprise that no one saw it coming, not even among the trendy prophets who claimed to foresee any important events of the incoming year. It began silently in one community, and now it is a monster throughout the world, silently arriving in the victim as an infection, and revealing itself in dry coughs and high fever, and finally choking the sufferer to death. Imagine that this was a biochemical device for mass killing that was let out accidentally. Now human life on earth is under threat of annihilation. Millions have died already, and thousands and thousands more are dying on a daily basis. Every city, town and village throughout the world is in a state of hibernation, since people everywhere have shut themselves in, for fear of the disease. Adda, my dear, kindly have us see the latest update from the news.
Adda turns on the screen. The footage is those of grim scenes from around the globe of ambulances blaring down deserted streets, body bags forklifted into refrigerated trucks, hospitals overflowing with the sick, makeshift hospitals in open spaces, and stadia filled to capacity, and mass burials in freshly dug trenches.

ADDA: Grandfather, will everybody die? Why are they not stopping the deaths?

SAGO: My dear, the scientists are unable to find a cure or vaccine yet. This calamity has been going on now for months, with the world bewildered, helpless, and overwhelmed, and no one knows for how much longer.

ADDA: Grandfather, what if the deaths never stop until everybody dies?

SAGO: Adda, my dear, I personally believe that will never happen. God will never approve of a mortal man, acting on purpose or by accident, to wipe out the human race he created. The Almighty will intervene at some point, and there will be a solution.

ADDA: I wish that happens sooner, Grandfather. It's so scary having far too many deaths each day. Why should people make such destructive weapons?

SAGO: My dear, that's the big question. The world is so dreadful that I wish there was a place of escape from the windy storm and tempest of life here. Sadly, the encounters of the races, ethnicities, and nationalities that make up the world are perennially marked by violence, strife, mischief, wickedness, deceit, guile, and sorrow.

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