What Is The Reason

a writing by william andrews

I base my conspiracy theory
on a few things
there is no
Scientific argument
that our thoughts have energy
they have the power to change
the physical structure
of our brain
I.E learning something
everybody in the world
different fingerprints
different facial features
different personality's
different voices
even different
ways of walking
There is no
Scientific argument
about these things
So it stands to reason
that our energy field
is no different from fingerprints
and personality's
which extends out from our body
4 to 5 feet about the same
as Social Distancing
Now to look at the energy fields
of Billions of people
world wide
is difficult
even from space
because people's energy fields
are like people's personality's
they clash
they merge
they change
and when in crowds or big groups
they can become one
ever felt the Atmosphere
at a good rave or a concert
to look at peoples energy fields
energy signatures
if you will
you have to break up
the crowds the groups
the people
world wide
how can you do this
there is only one way
it is called Lockdown
to do this you need something
to make people
Afraid Scared Fearful Nervous
to make them Comply to Obey
world wide
the only way this can be done
is with a virus that is no diffrent
then the flu virus
and when more and more people
begin to understand
they are being lied to
then it's time
to start on the children
to keep them Afraid
to keep them in lockdown
for as long as possible

The Question is Why
what are they looking for
or hunting for
world wide
It's Strange

They are not doing this
to control people
they already have control
on the things that matter
the media
the banks
the schools and universities
the scientists and technology
the people in government
and the ones
they do not control outright
are either psychologically
burnt at the stake on the net
or blackmailed
or if they really start
to rock the boat
they will be
suicided shall we say
So the Question still stands
what is the reason
for locking down the people
World Wide

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